RETOX on Before Asymmetry


On Tuesday, April 21st, we are inviting the concert of the Retox. If on this occasion you decide to buy passes and tickets for Asymmetry Festival 2015, you enter for free.

You can buy Asymmetry Festival 2015 tickets and passes in the Firlej Club on weekdays, in hours from 9 AM  to 16 PM. During the Retox concert it is possible to buy festival tickets and passes until the end of show.

If you are already holding standing tickets (the pass or the ticket) you also can see Retox for free.

Retox, which plays explosive mix of noise, mathrock and hardcore, ends our Before Asymmetry cycle, hosting artists from such different genres as alt-country, hip hop, jazzcore and doom. Among the stars of the cycle were: Wovenhand, Nadja, Sage Francis and Zu.