John Lemke

An ardent moulder of sound, John Lemke began carving out a very unique music blend on his debut album ‘People Do’ (2013) and its follow up EP ‘Walizka’ (2014). Informed by his work as a sound designer & composer for documentary films and his natural inclination towards fusing rhythm with rich textures and emotive melodies, he set out on a musical path that had been long in the making and is ever evolving. The quest for unusual, inspiring sound sources has always been at the heart of John’s process, however, the genesis of his second album ‘Nomad Frequencies’ was rooted in much more inadvertent circumstances. In the summer of 2014, forced to indefinitely evacuate his Glasgow flat and studio due to structural damage from one hour to the next, with nothing more than a laptop and a bag of clothes, John embarked on a six month odyssey of soul searching, couch surfing and spending an extended period of time in his old hometown of Berlin for the first time in years – it was to be an odyssey that would help ferment and distill the ideas of his second album on which work had just begun.