Important announcement!

Tonight we received the message, according to which Anaal Nathrakh’s gig, planned for May 2nd 2015, will not be played. The band sent us following letter:

“STATEMENT OF ANAAL NATHRAKH (02.05.2015, 00:00)

We are saddened and extremely frustrated to announce that owing to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be able to play at the Asymmetry festival in Wrocław this weekend. We cannot apologise enough to the organisers, agents, and most importantly to anyone who was looking forward to seeing our show there.

People who have paid close attention over the years may be aware that we have had our share of problems with visas in the past. Without going into personal details, we have run into a new, different variety of visa problems in the last couple of days. And despite our best, frantic efforts, we are currently unable to leave the UK at all. It appears that only this weekend’s show in Poland is affected, and we have been given optimistic advice about all other currently booked shows. The bottom line is that everything else should be fine, we just can’t go anywhere right now.

Again, we are deeply sorry that this happened. We tried our best, we really did. Not only has it cost us a shitload of money, it has let a lot of people down. If there is some way we can make it up to Polish fans and everyone else affected by this in the future, we will try to make it happen.


Anaal Nathrakh.”

In this situation we, as Firlej and Asymmetry Festival, have decided to promote in the nearest possible future, a show of Anaal Nathrakh, which will compensate for their cancelled gig. We have received a confirmation from the band’s management, that when a suitable date will come up, then we will announce their gig in Wrocław. Tickets dated for May 2nd and 3-day passes will be honored and anyone who will show them on the boarding gate, will enter for free. People who want to return the tickets for festival’s second day, can do this in place of purchase. We are deeply sorry that show of one of the most expected bands of this year’s edition, will not come to fruition. Accordingly, the timetable will undergo some changes, about which we will inform you in separate announcement.