21. 04. 2015 | Retox, So Slow, Lunapar

Justin Pearson (The Locust, Swing Kids) with Rother RETOX’s musicians will prezent in Wrocław the material from theier last album ‘Beneath California’. Lunapar (Wrocław) ad So Slow (Warszawa) will provide the intriguing mixture of polish gitar scene inspired byt noise-rock, hardcore and classics.

People with Asymmetry passes and tickets and people that will buy tickets and passes tomorrow before the show will enter for free.

On the occasion we want to inform you that from this Thursday the tickets and passes for Asymmetry Festival 2015 wont be send by post. If you buy them after this day you will get them on the boarding gate during the festival.

28.11.2014 | Zu

Zu reactivate at the only concert in Poland!

Valued worldwide free jazz band Zu will perform on 28 XI in Firlej club. Italian trio recently resumed operation activity afert a two-year hiatus.

Zu hailing from Ostia, a town near Rome, in 1999. Since than the band has consistently moves in the wider area avant-garde music, deftly combines elements of jazz, noise, metal and punk. In the past the group colaborated such as Mike Patton, Mats Gustafsson or the hip-hop band Dälek. In 2012, afert 12 years of continual activity, 14 albums and 2000 concerts in whole world ( including joint concert tours with Sonic Youth, Faith No More and Fantomas), trio stood at the edge od artistic burnout and they to announced a hiatus. But Zu is a hot volcano of energy, which can not easily be tamed. One time, members of the band, Luca and Massimo, talked of Skype from different ends of the earth, they felt that they still have a lot of common thing to pass, and the story of Zu is not over yet. They concluded that the one drummer, with whom they wanted join the forces is Gabe Serbian of band The Loctus.The effect of return to the rehearsal room and the studio is EP “Goodnight Civilization” is released in the spring of 2014.


22.11.2014 | Sage Francis

Sage Francis at the one concert in Poland!

American rapper Sage Francis, will perform 22 XI in Wroclaw club Firlej. The artist will promote in our country its latest album, “Copper Gone”.

Sage Francis is well established for as one of greatest current writer of hip-hop music. He create crips narratives, which are the most uncompromising critique of Western world . To named by music journalists as “forefather indie- hop”, he gained fame in the early 2000, when he won “scribble Jam”- perhaps the most important freestyle event in America. Apparently after the incident came to his record Daf Jam Records, to hug him in their ranks. Sage did not accept the offert because of the- often emphasized by yourself- independence. Instead, he created his own label- Strange Famous Records. Another turning pointy of career of Sage occurred 11 X 2001, when he recorded and released in the network composition ” Makeshift Patriot”. This was no accident- past month since 11 IX, when the attack took a place on the World Trade Center.

Despite the lack of official distribution Sage music has spread around the world like wildfire. Clubs, in which there is, are filled to the brim. Fans appreciate it the most for artistic courage, scathing and direct socio-political commentary, appearing in his work on par with poetic language .American has so far released 6 studio albums, and the last of them – “Cooper Gone” – premiered at the beginning of June 2014. Sage Francis once again shows how wonderful and dangerous is the creator. Dense wordplay, which serves listeners, shocking as it suggestiveness. American lovingly reaches inflammatory political issues, but it can also convincingly tell a personal story of his life. “Cooper Gone” is by far the most important point in the rapper’s career – he writes about the disc Exclaim valued service.

Support: Wojtek “Kidd” Cichoń- Slamer, rapper, poet, performance poetry events organizer such as Spoke’N’Word Festival, monthly slam poetry in Warsaw, workshop spoken word. Since 2003 he presents his songs of spoken word on the stages in Poland and the rest of world ( Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Hungary, Francem, Ukraine, China, Japan, Iceland). As Kidd relased 10 albums under the name co-creating musics projects such as Rap Addixm ddekombinacja, Międzymiastowa, Osete. He has played concerts and exhibited his work in front of, among others, spoken word Dälek, Mouse on The Keys, Beans (Anti-Pop Consortium).


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20.09.2014 | Yob/Pallbearer

YOB plays in the Firlej club.

One of the most important metal bands in last years, Yob, will play 20 of September in Poland. Americans as part of tour to promote the album “Clearing The Path To Ascend”, they will come to Wroclaw Firlej club.

YOB( USA, Neurot Recordings)

Legendary trio from Portland moving in a Europrean tour promoting the new album ” Clearing The Path To Ascend”, whose premiere will take place on 1 IX. Publishers will be relased Neurot Recordings. 20 IX in Wroclaw Firlej club, Yob will the only concerts in Poland.

Yob, inspired by the achievements Cathedral, Sleep, Electric Wizard and Black Sabbath, has set new standards of doom metal. The band announced that it is the “Clearing The Path To Ascend” will be landmark album, embedded in the tastes of their fans, but elevating their esthetics to a new level. Concert in Wrocław will be held under the Before Asymmetry.



Record label:

PALLBEARER (USA, Profound Lore)

The band formed in 2008 by bassist Joseph Rowland their first full-length album, released four years later Profound Lore effort. “Sorrow and Extinction” was named the number one metal albums of the year 2012 by the magazine “Rolling Stone”, while gaining as the most promising team. Their September concert in Firlej will promote their next release, “Foundations Of Burden” which will be released in August this year.



Record Label:


Nonsun brought to life in 2011 in Lviv two musicians: singer, guitarist and bassist Goatooth, and drummer Alpha. The project creates music from the border of doom, drone and sludge metal.

In 2012, seen the light of day the band’s first demo, entitled “Good Old Evil”. A year later released their debut EP duo, “Sun Blind Me”. In publication there were two premiere tracks and two compositions from early demos

18.09.2014 | Wovenhand

Wovenhand plays on Before Asymmetry!

In September, Polish fans of modern rock will appear in the halls of the club Firlej in Wrocław. It is for them is considered, American band Wovenhand. The group will promote well received by audience and critics album ” Refractory Obdurate”.

Wovendhand (USA) Founded in 2003 by David Eugene Edwards project was initially a solo project of famous singer 16 Horsepower David Eugene Edwards, which he joined later constant composition. The group presenst intriguing and passionate combination of alt-country, folk and rock, ballads mentioning Nick Cave, Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Bob Dylan.

The charismatic leader of the band, David Eugene Edwards is a man determined institution, that fans around the world are attracted to its music, extraordinary personality, powerful and mesmerizing voice. Wovenhand will promote in Wroclaw his latest album “Refractory Obdurate”. At issued by Glitterhouse in Europe and Deatwish INC. in the US thee album, accompanied by drummer David Garrison Horde, guitarist Chuck French and bassist Neil Kelner. Fans and journalists are agree- “Refractory Odburate” is the work of a dynamic, full of punk energy and spiritualist stoner-rock. This is perhaps the sharpest and the loudest making Edwards. The album won a very high grade of 8,2 influential website Pitchfork journalists. Energetic sound of the guitar, drums relentless, passionate lyrics- so you can briefly describe recent work Wovenhand.

Support: Peter J. Birch

Hailing from Wołów, 23 – year old is without a doubt one of the most active Polish musicians. In 2013 he released the album “When The Sun’s Risin ‘Over The Town”. This album has got very good reviews in the Polish and European press. The new album by Peter “Yearn” (Antena Krzyku / Borówka Music) was released on September 8.

Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany – in these countries toured. He most recently starred on several major European festivals (m. In. Opener, OFF-ie in Poland, Slovakia or Poke Melodica Hamburg) – both solo and with his band, The River Boat Band. In total, he has played more than 300 concerts.

01 - 03.05.2014 | Nadja, Canti Illuminati, DGF

Do not lose heart! Especially for festival public prepared BEFORE ASYMMETRY.

1st May hear a large dose of heavy guitar playing. Performers: NADJA (Canada), WHEN ICARUS FALLS (Switzerland), Gazers (France), THE PRESTIGE (France), HOLOTROPIC (Slovakia).

May 2,  the second edition of the Canti Illuminati Festival, which is a review of new developments in contemporary music and sound art, with a wide range of electro-garunkowym free improvisation, with a new composition and experimental techno sound installations. On this day, in the framework of Canti Illuminati occur: KETEV (Germany) ROBERT CURGENVEN (Australia), WE WILL FAIL (Poland), BARTEK KUJAWSKI (Poland), DUY GEBORD (Poland), ADAM WEBSTER (United Kingdom), Jakub FRANK FRANK + MATEJ (Czech Republic), DJ Ryan R (Poland).

May 3 will be able to take part in a special edition of the Lower Silesian Phonographic Exchange. Admission is free for all buyers and sellers!


1 May 2014, 17:00, Firlej Club

Discussion and meeting people interested Asymmetry Festival in connection with the planned next year’s edition.


1 May 2014, 19:00, Firlej Club

NADJA (Canada)

The duo formed by Aidan Baker and Leah Buckreff playing music combines elements od experimental, drone, ambient and doom metal. Founded in 2003 project by Baker was originally solo project. Only in 2005 joined to him Buckareff in order to transfer studio record to the stage. NADJA has already released a lot of albums released including such label as Alien8 Recording, The End Records, Conspiracy Records or Foreshadow. Repeatedly toured in North America and Europe performing among others at such events as the Roadburn, FIMAV and SXSW. For fans SunnO))), Earth, Khanate.


Beginnings of When Icarus Falls date back 2007 years. To this day, they recorded two albums and two EPs, their tour promoting the new album “Circles”. When Icarus Falls moves in the post-rock, sometimes sludge aesthetics, making them a tasty morsel for fans of Cult of Luna and Amen Ra.

 GAZERS ( France)

French post- hardcore band inspired by punk rock, screamo and noise. Known for their energetic concerts, performed alongside among others, Loma Prieta, Birds in Low, Jungblut, Hessian, Theri route is part of the promotion of the new EP “Gaze”


They sign to everywhere “alternative hard core from Paris”, and, indeed, meet with exuberant hard core. Since 2009 they played with Every Time I Die, Stray the Path, The Dillinger, Escape Plan, August Burns Red.


Young, Slovak band playing progressive variation of metal and death metal. Holotropic, though founded in 2013, has in its composition of experienced musicians from bands such as Nonprolific, Drifted Shadows, Disconcrete or God Deframer. The band has already recorded material for their debut album and went on tour to get a bit of publicity in the world. Among his inspiration Holotropic mentions in the same breath: Tool, Meshuggah, King Crimson, Alan Watts and Robert Anton Wilson.

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2 May 2014, 13:00,Firlej Club
Discussion panel – Canti Illuminati Festival

Topic: Why do we still writing about music? Talk about the cultural role of music criticism.

Leading: Dominika Węcławek (M|I, Foch, National Geograpic Traveler)

Participants: Rafał Jęczmyk (Avant Art Festival), Andżelika Kaczorowska (RWA, Screenagers, Lineout), Wojciech Kucharczyk (Mik.Musik.!.), Paweł Kulczyński (Mik.Musik.!., Dunno), Paweł Malinowski (BDTA), Adam Poprawa (Jazz Forum, Odra), Piotr Tkacz (Dwutygodnik, Glissando, M|I, Popup), Michał Turowski (BDTA)


2 May 2014, 19:00, Firlej Club

Canti Illuminati Festiwal is a natura continuation of the cycle of copyright broadcasts in the legendary radio*sitka and blog of the same name. Brief in the form, but essential action stage have to show what an unusual and puzzling in contemporary music and sound art, and above all to encourage you to search in each of the roles: listener, composer and performer.

KETEV (Germany,Opal Tapes, Where To Now?)

Composer and sound artist. Author installations and sculptures of sound, He performer on festivals such as International Cyber Art in Berlin or Fylkingen in Stockholm. More rhythmic face presents in the outbuildings of Opal Tapes and Where To Now?.

ROBERT CURGENVEN (Australia, Recorded Fields, Tapeworm)

Australia artist which draws extensively on the achievements of Alvin Lucier, R. Murray Schafer and Eliane Radigue, that connects their physical experience with the dub sound of low frequency sensitivity.  He released in outbuildings LINE, The Tapeworm and Łaźni of Gdańsk. He performed in festivals Club Transmediale, STEIM, Audiograft, Cave12. He realized sound installations for Transmediale, Diapason Gallery or CSW in Torun. Leads outbuildings Recorded Fields.

WE WILL FAIL (Poland, Monotype)

We Will Fail is project focuses on the pleasure of wandering.Field records, sample from tape, noise, synthesizers and electronic drums are mixed here in a strange, referring to the aesthetics of techno whole. For the entire project is rensponsible is Aleksandra Grünholz- a treined graphic designer with a passion musician, creator of acting on the audioperformance. Collaborates with many artists and musicians, accompany the art group OKO and with Piotr Tkacz works in duet Tirips.

BARTEK KUJAWSKI (Poland, Mik.Musik.!, BDTA)

Also known as 8rolek, one of the pillars of Polish abstrakt stream IDM, successfully combining the broken rhythms of the pioneering electro- sensitivity. He is the author of many albums, the last of which appeared Sangoplasmo effort and BDTA. Under his own name presents a more experimental face. During the Wrocław concert will promote the lastest released- literary debut and based on the content of radio play sound.

DUY GEBORD (Poland,Wounded Knife)

Radosław Sirko, culture expert, sound producer. He studied in Cracow, Katowice, Warsaw, Poznan and In Leuven In Belgium. He published in the page of magazines “Ha!art”, “Opcje” and “Glissando”. He is creator of musical project p0p∆s†kr∆e6 and Duy Gebord. Listens, adhesives, plays, combines digit and analog, alive and abiotic instruments, field recording and sound recycling. He recorded for Wounded Knife and Pawlacz Perski.

 ADAM WEBSTER ( United Kingdom)

Composer and musician, currently living in Wroclaw. In his artistic activities most often used cello, voice and various object found. Webster is a graduate of the department of music at Liverpool Hope University. He was collaborated with artists such as Carlos Zingaro, Eddie Prevost, Evan Parker, Ben Patterson, Mick Beck, Damo Suzuki, Simon Fell, Lol Coxhill, Roger Turner, Maggie Nicols, Paul Hubweber, Georg Wissel, Christoph Irmer, Jeffrey Morgan.


Czech duo of artists, will be presenting on CIF#2 performance visual- sound “ Wall of sound”.

DJ RYAN R (Poland, Turnus w Tropikach)

Esoteric- exotic alias of the most exciting DJs Wrocław. The project Ryan R presents unusual sets based on the African tempos, erudite proficiency in handling ethnic motifs from around the world and high dynamic mix of agile. Certified quality straight from the top of Portobello Road.


3 May 2014, 13:00-15:00, Firlej Club

Dolnośląska Giełda Fonograficzna

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