Asymmetry on the Road

The festival, which originally hails from Wroclaw, will present its program beyond Poland’s border for the first time in history. On October 21-24th Furia, Entropia and Thaw will play Asymmetry on the Road tour in Ukraine and Moldova. Tour’s partner is – flag brand of Adam Mickiewicz Instutute.

Each of the bands represents extreme form metal played in contemporary, riveting form. Each of them made its name on Polish scene, sharing the stage with the biggest projects of musical alternative (Jarboe, Altar of Plagues, Vader, Behemoth, Nile). Each of them brings numerous fans to each of their shows.

Tour’s calendar:

21.10.2015 – Tarnopol (Ukraina): klub Koza, Bulvar Shevchenka 23
22.10.2015 – Iwano–Frankowsk (Ukraina): Bar Duck, Sichovykh Striltsiv 24A
23.10.2015 – Kiszyniów (Mołdawia): Albion Club, Puskin Avenue 22
24.10.2015 – Odessa (Ukraina): Underpub, Zhukovskogo 23

Asymmetry on the Road is a tour which promotes Polish independent music, which merges best traditions of rock and metal with modern sound, typical of Asymmetry Festival. The project’s participants will visit two Eastern Partnership countries: Ukraine and Moldova. The latest proposition of Firlej club aims at promotion of Polish artists, mainly young bands playing alternative music, as well as artistic cooperation with institution from beyond Poland’s eastern border. Such an initiative is not the first one organized by Wroclaw center: for several years, mainly during Asymmetry Festival, Firlej gathers artists, culture managers, festival directors and journalists form all around the world, including guests and partners form Eastern Europe. From 2011 to 2013 Firlej organized a music contest for young Ukrainian bands within UA/PL Alternative Music Meetings and Art Meetings. New project, Asymmetry on the Road, effected from such international cooperation.

entropia promo
Entropia is a post/black metal band, which started in 2007 in Olesnica. After the premiere of their debut material, “Vesper”, which was met with general acclaim of both critics and audience, they played in numerous countries, sharing the stage with bands like Mayhem, Altar of Plagues and Aluk Todolo. At the moment they work on the new album, titled “Ufonaut”, which will merge elements of black metal and psychedelic music.

The band was created in 2010 and from the start it became one of the most interesting black metal projects in Poland. In their music harshness of black metal blends with massive sludge sound and furious cacophony of experimental music bordering noise and electronic music.

furia promo photo Rafal Kotylak (2) 
Godfathers of necrofolk, the most popular and prolific creation of Let The World Burn collective. Band pushed Polish black metal into the new dimension, dazzling the audience with heavy beauty of black Silesian soil. Extraordinary music is topped with lyrics by Nihil – one of the most talented Polish artists of last decade. Musicians of Furia also brought to life Morowe, MasseMord, FDS and Duszę Wypuścił. The most recent position in band’s discography is „Nocel” (Pagan Records) – the album, which has dominated year’s summaries in Poland, not only in “metal music” category. The band represented Poland during such prestigious events as Off Festival and Primavera Sound Festival.