“All Ramones Pop-Up Exhibit” at Asymmetry Festival

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Forty years ago, an album was released by what has become one if the most influential rock bands in history. This year, 2016, is the 40th anniversary of the release of the first Ramones album. To celebrate this anniversary, George DuBose has curated an exhibition of more than 60 photographs taken by the first photographers to work with the Ramones, which will be shown at Asymmetry!

Many of these images are being shown for the first time. Who has ever seen a photo of the Ramones smiling??? No other rock band has influenced so many aspiring musicians by showing that if the Ramones can do it, well, probably anybody can. They showed the world that one doesn’t have to be a virtuoso musician to get on stage. The Ramones showed that stage performance is more about feeling the music and a unleashing a powerful presentation. U2, Green Day and many other bands have acknowledged that the Ramones were a major influence and inspiration.

While George DuBose was the “official” Ramones photographer for the second half of their 20 year career and photographed and/or designed most of their covers since Subterranean Jungle, he wasn’t at CBGB’s to document their first shows. That honor was left to Roberta Bayley, Bob Gruen and David Godlis. The early West Coast concerts were covered by the famous punk photographer, Jenny Lens. More photographs have been donated by Monte Melnick, the fifth Ramones and tour manager for their whole career, the boys (Martino Pasina and Marco Zaunelli) from Sniffing Posters, the book and collections of probably ALL of the Ramones tour posters and roadie, Warren Cohen.

Sniffing Posters also donated many of the early press 8 x 10s that the Ramones released. This exhibit intends to show early photos of the Ramones in onstage action, backstage with the band, photos of the band on tour and covers from some of their albums. Today, the official Ramones t-shirt is one of the most popular rock t-shirts in the world, many of the young people who wear the t-shirts haven’t even heard the band’s music or were too young to see the band on tour, but wear the t-shirt. This exhibition is for those young people. DuBose has had many exhibitions of his Ramones archive in Spain, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands. In 2013 at a benefit for cancer research in Düsseldorf, Germany, before the event was even half over, he noticed that several of the unframed prints were gone… So if you can’t beat them, join them. It is in this spirit that DuBose had printed all of these photos and will present them unframed and taped or safety pinned to the walls of the venues. After the event, the fans are allowed to “liberate” the prints and take them home.